Reiki translates as “universal energy.” This system of healing is based on a series of attunements to clear the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual channels so that universal energy flows clearly through the practitioner.

This gentle hands-on healing method is suitable for people with conditions which are contraindicated in massage. Recipients say they feel very relaxed and very much at peace after a Reiki session.

As a Reiki Master schooled in the modern method, Beth Thran has been trained to present workshops and give Reiki attunements to anyone interested in learning this healing technique. As universal life energy, Reiki is available to everyone.

The workshops present the history of Reiki and methods for its use in self-healing and hands-on healing for others(Rieki I), distance healing (Reiki II), and to pass attunements to educate anyone with the desire to use universal life force for the highest good of all (Reiki Master).