Beth Thran Bunch, NCTMB, DIHom, BFRP

   Years of chronic pain led Beth to try a multitude of techniques on her own journey towards health. Chiropractic and osteopathic adjustments, along with a variety of bodywork and subtle energy healing offered temporary pain relief. Yoga and meditation provided self-care.
   Beth received her initial massage training through apprenticeship in the mid-1980's with a neuromuscular therapist who specialized in the St. John's method. The work was effective, though painful.
   While attending the Myotherapy Institute in Salt Lake City in 1993, Beth was introduced to the subtle energy healing methods of Spinal Touch Therapy and Acu-Therapy, both created by founder, Jim Foster. These techniques, along with Polarity and CranioSacral Therapy provided a gentler, less intrusive method for lasting tissue change and pain relief for the therapist and her clients.
    Another sports injury left Beth with micro tears in her rotator cuff muscles. She continued to work and created compensatory structural  and functional problems in addition to the pain in her shoulder. While volunteering at the Pentagon in September 2001, she was in so much pain that another therapist offered to work on her during their downtime. This massage therapist angel introduced her to Myfascial Release and after a 10-minute session, Beth was pain free for 3 months - her longest pain-free period since she was 12 years old.  During that time, she began training with John Barnes and added myofascial release techniques to her ever-expanding toolbox of healing modalities. Myofascial unwinding still plays integral part in the therapist self-care routine.
   Beth's technique integrates a combination of training in various modalities and is based upon the belief that the body's innate capacity for self-healing sometimes requires outside intervention to facilitate the process. She began practicing Reiki in the late 1980's and received her Reiki Master degree through the Usui Shiki Ryoho lineage in 2001.
   Dialoguing is an important part of discovering what your body needs to return to health. On some level you know what will best work for you own healing. You communicate with the therapist, not only verbally, but through sensory and energetic connections made during the balancing of your chakras, Reiki, and other subtle energy techniques, which may be incorporated into your treatment. You may be encouraged to incorporate Bach Flowers into your treatment plan. . She received her BFRP with the Bach Foundation International Register of Practitioners in 2013 (  You may also work with healing stones, including gem stone matrices, created by her husband David Bunch (
   Beth has trained in Healing Touch levels 1 and 2 and is also a surgical coach, trained by Judy Ray and Nancy Blue, developers of Beyond Surgery® (, to support you through recovery from surgery or as part of a cancer support team.
     Training in Reiki, Healing Touch and Accunect provide Beth the opportunity to offer distance sessions as an alternative to hands-on massage and energy practice for those interested.

   Beth maintains her NCTMB certification, as well as being licensed in the State of North Carolina.