The Bach Flower system was created in the 1930‘s by Dr. Edward Bach, a British physician, after giving up his Harley Street medical practice to search for a simpler, more profound way to help people in distress. Dr. Bach discovered 38 plant remedies to address different emotional states, which he felt are the root cause of illness.

            The Bach Flower Remedies have been safely used for more than 75 years and practitioners work in 66 countries worldwide. All of the remedies are completely safe and non-addictive with no side effects and no interactions with pharmaceuticals or aromatherapy. They are considered homeopathic medicines and are prepared under strict guidelines. The remedies are preserved in alcohol (brandy). The amount of alcohol in one dose of the remedy equals the amount alcohol naturally found in one grape.  Since this is a concern to some people, the remedies are available with glycerin as a preservative for those who choose to not ingest alcohol in any measure and for pet formulas.

            Dr. Bach believed in simplicity. He also believed that all physical illness comes from  an imbalance between our soul (who we really are) and our personality (the personas we exhibit in life.) Thus, self-reflection is an important part of using this simple system of healing effectively. You play a part in choosing which remedies are right for you at a given time. It is important to look at yourself honestly….. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What is going on in my life right now? Do I have stress? How do I respond to this stress?
  2. What is my nature - do I prefer company or being alone; am I fearful, indecisive, a worrier?
  3. How do I feel about my life, my job, my family, my illness?

Together, we will answer these questions in your initial one-hour Bach Flower consultation, as well as in follow-up sessions. Once we have determined the appropriate combination of Bach flower essences, they are each added to a 30ml remedy bottle topped with spring water, which you prepare yourself from my stock bottles.  You may opt to purchase the Bach Flower Remedy stock bottles yourself so that you have them on hand. In fact, Dr. Bach created his system of healing so that everyone could take care of their own well-being.  Part of your consultation is exploring the Bach Flowers to increase your own knowledge and awareness of what the remedies can do for you.
The Bach Flower Remedies work on an energetic level to balance out your emotional/mental states so that the soul can come back into alignment with the personality and allow the body’s natural ability to heal itself to function properly. They are most effective when we focus on the positive aspects of the flowers, so you will be given a list of your remedies along with those concerns being addressed at this time.

For additional information about the Bach Flowers, articles and research, and a list of publications approved by the Bach Centre, to find a registered practitioner in your area, or to purchase remedies please use the following websites:

Bach Flower Talks:
March 3, 2018 10 am-noon
Elk Haven Wellness Center
Brevard, NC
Call or text to RSVP 757-880-1853

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